Miwaresoft complicates Miwaresoft Intentions for Apple Watch

In an update to Miwaresoft Intentions, Miwaresoft has added Apple Watch complications. Apple provides ring filling activity complications on Apple Watch faces. In the same way Miwaresoft Intentions complications provides Intention category charts. These charts provide quick and simple views of what categories of intentions have already been created. And what categories you still need[…]

Relieve your stress and tension with Miwaresoft Intentions

January, 31, 2017, Miwaresoft announces the availability of Miwaresoft Intentions. We live in times of huge tension and stress. Miwaresoft has developed Miwaresoft Intentions to provide relief from stress and tension. Writing down those things that stress people out provides a way to get that tension out of their system. Then deciding what to do to[…]

Miwaresoft gives back with Miwaresoft Gratitude Free

January 9, 2017, Miwaresoft announces the availability of Miwaresoft Gratitude. Have you ever asked yourself: Who you are grateful to? What you are thankful for? Where you are happy? Being happy and grateful for those things that you take for granted everyday, focusses your mind on what is good in your life. By expressing your[…]

Miwaresoft announces the easiest way to achieve New Year Resolutions

December 16, 2016, Miwaresoft announces the availability of Miwaresoft Resolutions. Every year hundreds of millions of people make New Year Resolutions. Things that they want to improve their lives. Some people even write their resolutions down. But most people forget what their resolutions are. And never achieve their resolutions. Miwaresoft Resolutions provides an easy way[…]