We are so grateful for your support, we made all our apps FREE!

March 30, 2018, Miwaresoft Announces that all Apps will now be free of charge.

Writing and maintaining Apps is a long, time-consuming process.

And as they say “time is money”.

However we also realise that people want to try an App as easily as possible.

So, Miwaresoft has made all Apps free of charge to download and try.

Miwaresoft Life Plans, Miwaresoft Intentions 2, Miwaresoft Resolutions 2 and Miwaresoft Bucket List 3 are all now available at no cost.

After a number of items have been added to the App, the user will be invited to purchase either:

  • A 10 pack upgrade
  • An unlimited upgrade

In this way Miwaresoft can continue to invest the time and effort to maintain their Apps to the latest version of iOS.

And, create new Apps to help you lead a better, happier life.

Miwaresoft Gratitude has always and will always be free of charge with no in-app purchases, and today Miwaresoft Gratitude 2 is available and now fully supports iPhone X.

The Apps are available today on the Apple App Store.

Click here now!

In gratitude for your support,


Miwaresoft makes Apps to improve peoples lives.

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