Taking Miwaresoft™ Apps to the edge (of your new Apple iPad)

November 10, 2018, Miwaresoft updates all Apps for the new Apple iPad Pro 11″ and Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd generation).

All Miwaresoft Apps are reworked for the new Apple iPads (and still work on the previously supported Apple iPads too).

The updated Apps are:

  • Miwaresoft Bucket List
  • Miwaresoft Gratitude
  • Miwaresoft Intentions
  • Miwaresoft Life Plans
  • Miwaresoft Resolutions
  • Miwaresoft Wheel of Life

Miwaresoft Apps

Miwaresoft Apps also support Apple iPad split view which enable two apps to be open at the same time.

Apple iPad Split View showing Life Plans and Wheel of Life

The Apps are available now on the Apple App Store.

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Miwaresoft Wheel of Life for iPads

Miwaresoft Life Plans for iPads

Miwaresoft Intentions 2 for iPads

Miwaresoft Gratitude 2 for iPads

Miwaresoft Bucket List 3 for iPad

Miwaresoft Resolutions 2 for iPads

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