Miwaresoft complicates Miwaresoft Intentions for Apple Watch

In an update to Miwaresoft Intentions, Miwaresoft has added Apple Watch complications.

Apple provides ring filling activity complications on Apple Watch faces.

In the same way Miwaresoft Intentions complications provides Intention category charts.

These charts provide quick and simple views of what categories of intentions have already been created.

And what categories you still need to assign intentions to.

In addition, text complications provide short reminders to set intentions for categories.

The origins of the word complications is from early watch makers.

Anything added to the watch face, other than the telling of the time, are called complications.

Examples of complications are items like: the date, the day, the phase of the moon.

Our belief is that the origin of the word ‘complications’ is that it made the design and manufacture of a watch more ‘complicated’!

Miwaresoft Intentions complications provide a quick look version of the Miwaresoft Intentions Apple Watch App.

This App which can be displayed in the Apple Watch dock, provides more details of the Intentions Categories you have already listed in the Miwaresoft Intentions iPhone App.

Complications are something of an oxymoron.

Complications do in fact offer instant and quick ways to view key information about your App.

So complications make things simpler!

Miwaresoft Intentions for iPhone and Apple Watch is available on the Apple App Store now!

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