Miwaresoft announces all new iOS 10 version of Miwaresoft Bucket List


What activities do you want to experience before you die?

October 22, 2016: Miwaresoft announces all new iOS 10 version of Miwaresoft Bucket List.

iOS 10 brings many great new features, such as pictures in notifications and stickers for iMessage.

Miwaresoft embraces these new features and more.

Miwaresoft Bucket List 2 provides a simple and easy way to record and re-mind your self of those things that you really want to do.

  • People you want to meet.

  • Places you want to go.

  • Things you want to have.

  • Activities you want to experience.


What’s new in Miwaresoft Bucket List 2?

  • Picture notifications, improves your chance of achieving what you want through visualisation

  • Weekly notifications, spread your reminders over your week

  • Share pictures direct from your Photo Album, makes it easier to add photos to your list

  • Share web links direct from Safari, a simpler way to add web sites to your list items

  • Sticker pack, provides motivational iMessage stickers to inspire you and your friends

Miwaresoft Bucket List 2 is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.


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