Miwaresoft Limited founded to help people to help themselves


“Before you help others you have to first help yourself “, a wise old monk told me, many years ago.

Miwaresoft Limited has been founded, based on this advice, to help people to help themselves.

We are living in times of huge pressure and change.  Whether it is the recognition that corporations and governments do not have the interests of anyone other than themselves.  Or whether it is the huge personal financial burden that war and waste have created. The time has come to change, and that change has to start with you.

Miwaresoft is the culmination of many years of designing and building software systems to help people to effect positive personal change.  The broad availability of Smart Phones and Tablets has revolutionized the ‘personal computer ‘- making it now something everyone has access to all of the time. This makes it an ideal platform to effect personal change.

Miwaresoft helps you to help yourself live a happier life now.

Miwaresoft designs apps exclusively for Apple iPhone, iPad and Watch.

Chris Parkhouse, Founder and Director