February 15, 2017


Miwaresoft makes manifestation so easy!

It just works – I got my dream electric car!

I’ve been a “tree hugger” for many years and for the last 11 years I’ve worked in environmental services, so I’m well aware of the impact cars have on the environment. However, to move my wife, 2 children and a dog about, a car is a great help.

So my intention was to acquire an electric car, that was easily affordable, bigger than our diesel smart car, but small enough that my wife still enjoyed driving it.

However, like most good intentions, I often forget what I want.

Then I discovered Miwaresoft.

Their Apps are designed to remind you of what you want to achieve in your life.

So I got the Miwaresoft Intentions App from the Apple App Store.
And I popped my desire into the App.

Gentle notifications kept this intention, to get an electric car, uppermost in my mind.

So last weekend I took action, and I viewed a three year old Renault Zoe.

And I bought it! It has a back seat, so a little bigger than our Smart car, and my wife loves driving it!

Without the regular random notifications on my iPhone I am sure I would never have achieved this intent.

Thank you Miwaresoft for making manifestation so easy for the common man!

Jim Craig – Byfleet, UK