Miwaresoft™ PostCards – Who will you write to now?

April 18, 2019, Miwaresoft announces Miwaresoft PostCards, making creating and sending electronic postcards, simple, easy and fun.

Miwaresoft PostCards - animated postcards
Miwaresoft PostCards – animated postcards

When did you last send a postcard?

Who would like to hear from you?

In our busy, busy world, even sending a postcard, can take too much time.

Plus finding a postcard vendor is becoming a thing of the past.

Introducing Miwaresoft PostCards. A quick simple and easy way to send virtual postcards using your own photographs  from your favorite Apps on iPhone and iPad.

Miwaresoft PostCards for iPhone and iPad
Miwaresoft PostCards for iPhone and iPad

Step 1

Choose a photo

Step 2

Write your message

Step 3

Optionally Type an Address and Title, and choose a title color

Step 4

Tap ‘Send Now’ then choose your favorite messaging App such as Messages

Your recipient(s) will receive an animated postcard with your photo on the front and your message on the rear – just like a real postcard.

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