Miwaresoft™ Wheel Of Life – Find happiness from balance!

June 11, 2018, Miwaresoft announces Miwaresoft Wheel of Life.

Are you happy?

Do you want to be happier?

Happiness comes from taking action to achieve a balanced life.

Miwaresoft Wheel of Life makes balancing your life easy.

Miwaresoft Wheel of Life

Miwaresoft Wheel of Life

Create activities for each area of your life.

The app reminds you, if you have not filled in all areas of the wheel.

And the Wheel of Life balance chart shows you if all areas of your life are balanced.

Optional notifications remind you of the activities you have planned.

View, Edit or Delete activities direct from notifications.

Miwaresoft Wheel of Life

Add activities directly from Photo albums when you are in the Photos app.

Add activities directly from Safari if you find inspiration for an activity.

Liven up your Messages with Wheel of Life Stickers.

For Apple Watch owners, review your Wheel Of Life balance chart, in the Watch App.  And get picture notifications with quick action buttons.

Miwaresoft Wheel of Life

Miwaresoft Wheel of Life supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Be happy now – with a balanced life.

The App is available today on the Apple App Store.

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